Chef’s Kiss Emoji

The Chef’s kissΒ emoji is an expression and gesture that signifies excellence. You pinch your fingers and thumb together (often in an OK sign), kiss them, then throw them dramatically away from your lips. There can be sincerity or irony in its tone. (Get the Chefs kiss emoji at the bottom of the post.)

Chef's Kiss Emoji
Chef’s Kiss Emoji

What Is Chef’s Kiss Emoji?

A chef’s kiss derives from the Italian gesture al Bacio, literally “kisses,” but with a sense of excellence. US advertisements used images of a male Italian chef performing the gesture-often with a mustache white Chef’s hat and apron-after World War 2. Chefs traditionally perform this kiss when they believe a dish is perfect.

Chef's Kiss Emoji
Chef’s Kiss Emoji

In the early 2010s, Chef’s kiss began gaining popularity online. Around this time, an image of the Swedish Chef, a character on The Muppet Show, doing the Chef’s kiss went viral online. A Tumblr user named ladygolem proposed the Discourse Chef in 2015, which features a chef kissing an OK sign.

When Is It Appropriate to Use Chef’s Kiss Emoji?

As if releasing your kiss to the world, pinch your fingers together, kiss your fingertips, then flick your wrist. It means “I love this thing,” and that’s a “chef’s kiss,” which means it’s perfect and wonderful. But social media has distorted its meaning – and it’s not so complimentary anymore.

Chef's Kiss Emoji
Chef’s Kiss Emoji

It’s Bellissimo When Things Go Well

Your best meal has been Italian, but you can choose any cuisine. Is it comparable to a kiss? A chef’s kiss derives from al Bacio and the post-World War II stereotype of an Italian chef with a thick accent and mustache. Chefs may attest to a dish’s perfection themselves, or a lucky person may compliment a dish as a compliment.

Chef’s Kisses: How to Give Them

Pinched-finger kisses (or an OK-sign kiss, if that’s your preference) are effective when you’re in person. However, meme culture rarely occurs in real life, so online is the best way to engage.

An emoji with a kissy face and an “ok” sign go well together.

If you have an app store, you can find an emoji that represents the Chef’s kiss (they exist!).

Whenever you feel ironic or don’t have access to emojis, type out “chef’s kiss” as a response.

Chef's Kiss Emoji
Chef’s Kiss Emoji

Chef’s Kiss-Deserving Things

If you’re like most people, you’ve seen the Chef’s kiss before it became a meme. It refers to a perfect thing (usual food) from Looney Tunes’ French Rarebit to The Muppets’ Swedish Chef.

Chef’s kisses aren’t just reserved for liΓ¨vre Γ  la royale or the perfect Boeuf Bourguignon. It would help if you blew a chef’s kiss when:

  • The first time someone parallel parks successfully
  • The outfit your friend is wearing is so stunning that you can’t even begin to describe it
  • A job interview goes well for your spouse
  • A friend’s perfectly-picked playlist includes two or more songs you love
  • After setting up for a party, everything looks great
  • It all goes according to plan during a performance
  • A gorgeous new car rolls up to pick up your sister
  • You are introduced to a prince-charming-Esque boyfriend by a friend

It’s a compliment, but don’t take it too seriously

However, the Chef’s kiss meme does not always follow that pattern. Social media and message boards have become popular places to compliment or make fun of someone’s excellent post or comment. This quick guide will help you differentiate between them:

  • Did someone give you a chef’s kiss because you replied with a thoughtful, well-written comment that summed up the topic’s importance? It is probably sincere when the Chef kisses you.
  • Do you say something that you’re pretty sure is right but didn’t research, and you’ve been called out for being completely wrong before? You’re probably being sarcastic, then.
  • Did you post a photo of an athlete doing something unbelievable or a video of a celebrity wearing a lovely dress? It’s real when the Chef kisses you.
  • Are you calling a celebrity by the wrong name or messing up your post in another way that cannot be undone? That’s sarcasm, Chef.
  • Have you ever defended someone against racism, sexism, or ableism? The Chef’s kisses are sincere.
  • Is there anything racist, sexist, or ableist that you said? You’re probably being made fun of by the Chef’s kiss. (Don’t say anything hateful, either.)


In the above post, we have explained the possible conditions for using Chef’s kiss. It’s better for you before you judge this kind of reaction from your friend or sender; you must correlate the talk going on. So you will better get the idea of using Chef’s kiss emoji.

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