🤞 Fingers Crossed Emoji

The forever special emoji for the people has been the fingers crossed emoji. This is the emoji that most people use to wish luck, they use it for invalidating a promise being made. The kids or I’d say even the adults tend to use this form of gesture of “cross your fingers” as a wish for luck every time. People tend to keep their fingers crossed with a mindset that it keeps their hopes up. The origin of this gesture was in the Bible where the verdicts of the kings were rendered such as “May God have mercy upon your soul” which would prove the God was above law.

How it is used

I had kept my fingers crossed that I wouldn’t get the firing today. People use this gesture very often. For example:

  • I need to keep my fingers crossed because I am going to the meeting today.
  • Wish me with the good luck emoji today, I need it.

When it was released

The Crossed Fingers Emoji was created for Unicode v.9.0 in 2016. It was also included in Emoji 3.0 the same year.

People alse call it these things

You can refer to the fingers crossed as

  • Hoping emoji
  • Good luck

Other emojis that look similar to the crossed fingers

For similar emojis, you want to look in the hands category. There are also several finger-related gestures on the gestures page.

Where to learn more about emojis

If you would like to know a bit more about emojis and their history, check out the history article we published earlier this year.

Copy and paste the emoji

  • Apple

    Apple 🤞 Fingers Crossed Emoji
  • Google

    Google 🤞 Fingers Crossed Emoji
  • Samsung

    Samsung 🤞 Fingers Crossed Emoji
  • Microsoft

    Microsoft 🤞 Fingers Crossed Emoji
  • WhatsApp

    Whatsapp 🤞 Fingers Crossed Emoji
  • Twitter

    Twitter 🤞 Fingers Crossed Emoji
  • Facebook

    Facebook 🤞 Fingers Crossed Emoji
  • Skype

    Skype 🤞 Fingers Crossed Emoji
  • JoyPixels

    Joypixels 🤞 Fingers Crossed Emoji
  • OpenMoji

    Openmoji🤞 Fingers Crossed Emoji
  • Emojidex

    Emojidex 🤞 Fingers Crossed Emoji
  • LG

    LG🤞 Fingers Crossed Emoji

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